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University of Oregon Climate Change Research Group (CCRG)

The University of Oregon Climate Change Research Group (CCRG) is a loose association of faculty and graduate students at the University of Oregon working on climate change from the full range of disciplinary perspectives. The CCRG has two major "programs" - a monthly speaker colloquium for faculty and graduate students and an annual Symposium at which faculty and graduate students have an opportunity to present their research to the University community.

Upcoming Events

  • 5th Annual UO Climate Change Research Symposium, February 17th, 2016: Find out more HERE and submit a paper proposal
    Location: Museum of Natural and Cultural History - University of Oregon
    This Symposium is an opportunity for University of Oregon faculty, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates to present their research on climate-change-related issues. It is a great opportunity to both present your own research and learn from the numerous other scholars working at UO on the issue of global climate change. Please consider proposing a paper or a 4 or 5 paper panel (deadline TBD) and also plan on attending! Details available https://climatechange.uoregon.edu/2016-Symposium
  • November 17, 2015, Tuesday, 1-2pm: Gulcan Cil (US Environmental Protection Agency and UO Department of Economics) and Trudy Cameron (UO Department of Economics)
  • Location: Leona Tyler Room, Grad School building (small building behind Art Museum toward EMU)
    "Heat Waves: Some Potential Effects of Climate Change on Abnormal Birth Outcomes and Adverse Maternal Health Conditions” - PAPER
  • January 25th, 2016, Monday, 12-1:30pm: Aranzazu Lascurain, UO ENVS Masters degree
    Location: Columbia 249
    Will speak on topics related to climate change communication, adaptation, and indigenous tribes.
  • February 2, 2016, Tuesday, 1-2pm: Ole Laegreid, University of Gothenburg, Political Science
    Location: TBD
    Will speak on topics related to the political economy of climate change emissions.
  • February 16, 2016, Tuesday: Naomi Klein
    Location: TBD
    Public lecture in the evening, sponsored by Oregon Humanities Center. I am attempting to identify ways for CCRG members to interact with Klein in a smaller-group setting. Watch this space.
  • April, 2016, (date TBD): Kari Norgaard, UO Sociology
    Location: TBD
    "Wildfire, Climate Change and Tribal Land Management: Threats and Opportunities on the Klamath"
  • May, 2016, (date TBD): Richard York, UO Sociology
    Location: TBD
    Topic to be decided

Past Events

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