Teaching Resources

This area will be populated with various items that CCRG members might find useful in building climate change curriculum and/or introducing new dimensions of climate change within their classroom.   Material will appear below and hopefully will be frequently updated and organized.  We will see. 

Somewhat organized material below:

Important New Developments:

  1. IPCC revises Methane Upwards; excarbates the problem
  2. Methane Leaks More severe than previously estimated

Links: (Best to right click and open in new window)

  1. 91 MB Animation of temperature trends from Nasa Goddard (stored locally)
  2. Recalibrated Satellite Measurements - now in agreement
  3. Calibrated measurements of increase in ocean heat content (This is the most physically direct evidence of human's adding additional short term energy to the atmosphere-ocean interface.  This is what physically drives climate change.)
  4. Reconstructed Sea Level Changes
  5. The dissappearance of Greenland
  6. The dissappearance of Arctic Sea Ice
  7. 2013 Update for Arctic Sea Ice

Student Data Exercises:

  1. Make your own National Maps

YouTube Stuff:

  1. Physical Explanation of Greenhouse Effect
  2. Extreme Ice (loss)
  3. Climate Change Visualization


Update Images:

Current Level of CO2; updated monthly