CCRG news

CCRG news

UO opposing Oregon climate agenda?

Colleagues -- Does anyone have knowledge on this that makes it look different than how the Oregonian has written it up?  Ron

OCCRI's 10th Anniversary Symposium

Hi Ron,

Just wanted to make sure you and the UO contingent got this invite - I know there’s a competing event going on in Eugene that day, and we apologize for that schedule conflict!

OCCRI seeking new director

This from Phil -- he is now Vice Provost and Dean up the street and will, I imagine, answer questions you may have.  Ron

Interdisciplinary Social-Environmental Research Symposium

All, This is a university-wide initative that some may be interested in. Follow the links as needed.  Ron


Working on climate engineering?

Prof. Sikina Jinnah, a professor of politics and environmental studies at UC-Santa Cruz, will be the keynote speaker at the Tuesday, May 5th, CCRG Symposium, speaking from 12-1 (most likely). Jinnah is an expert on climate engineering, both the technical and the socio-political side. I wanted to see if there were any people working on climate engineering, or planning to in the near future, who would like to meet with her if we can arrange it. Email me at if you are interested in doing so.

outreach to the community on climate change

I have gotten two recent outreach requests to present on climate change. I cannot fulfill them because of scheduling conflicts and expertise deficits. If anyone would like to follow up with Blankenship or Standstipher, emails below, I am confident they would appreciate it.
Thanks, Ron
From: Laura Blankenship
Subject: Climate Change program at the Fern Ridge Library

Call for papers: 8th UO Climate Change Research Symposium (March 5,2019)

Call for Papers (date changed to avoid conflict with PIELC)

The 8th Annual UO Climate Change Research Symposium is coming!

Symposium Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2019, 8:30am - 5pm (note change of date)


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