outreach to the community on climate change

I have gotten two recent outreach requests to present on climate change. I cannot fulfill them because of scheduling conflicts and expertise deficits. If anyone would like to follow up with Blankenship or Standstipher, emails below, I am confident they would appreciate it.
Thanks, Ron
From: Laura Blankenship laura@fernridgelibrary.org
Subject: Climate Change program at the Fern Ridge Library

Hello Professor Mitchell,
I am contacting you because of your involvement with the University of Oregon Climate Change Research Group. I am scheduling speakers on a variety of topics for programs this summer at the library in Veneta, right outside of Eugene. It is my hope that you might be able to direct me to someone who would be willing to speak to a small audience on the topic of “The Meaning of Climate Change”. Our target date is Tuesday, July 16th at 7 PM, and would last about an hour (including Q &A). It would be great to have a second program/speaker in August to focus on solutions, ideas, and what we can do to prepare for the future.
Please contact me if you know of someone who would be interested in speaking to our community, or if there is someone else I should contact about this. I appreciate your help.
Thank you,
Laura Blankenship, Assistant Director
Fern Ridge Library, PO Box 397, 88026 Teritorial HWY, Veneta, OR 97487 -- 541-393-1043 -- www.fernridgelibrary.org

From: Teresa R Standstipher tstandst@uoregon.edu
Subject: Query about Global Climate Change
Hello Prof. Ronald Mitchell,
My name is Teresa I attended the University of Oregon and I am in a reporting for electronic media class. I was intrigued by your dedication in making sure people are aware that global warming is slowing happening all around us. Is there any chance I could get an on camera interview with you sometime next week for my story on how Eugene is dealing with and curating awareness about this global issue?
Let me know if you’re interested or if you can pass me along to someone who would be willing! Thank you.

Can’t wait to hear back from you,
Teresa Standstipher