UO Climate Change Research Group

UO Climate Change Research Group

The University of Oregon Climate Change Research Group (CCRG) is a group of faculty and graduate students that formed in May 2010. The Group’s goal is to foster greater synergy among the many faculty and graduate students at U of O doing research on climate change. Although there are more than 70 faculty conducting research and teaching about climate change in their classes, other commitments and pressures too often lead to less interactions among us than is optimal.  Too many faculty working on related issues did not yet know each other and knew even less about each other's research.  By increasing the number and quality of interactions among faculty and graduate students working on climate change, the Group seeks to create “opportunities for serendipity,” whether those be ideas for collaborative research, co-authored articles, and research proposals, or a venue for planning on-campus climate change symposia and inviting external speakers.

8th Annual UO Climate Change Research Symposium (held on Tuesday, March 5th, 2019)

Climate change is a multi-faceted global crisis. UO researchers including both Professors and Students from the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences are conducting cutting edge research on may facets of this important global challenge. The UO Climate Change Research Symposium brings together individuals whose problem-driven research transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. The sharing of perspectives and exchange of ideas will produce a lasting dialogue that will enrich the depth of academic discourse on climate change at the University of Oregon.

Open to UO students, faculty, staff, and the public.

Sponsored by: The University of Oregon Climate Change Research Group and the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural